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TODAY YOU are conducting The Symphony of Your Life. But there’s a problem. From time to time our symphonies go out of tune. It’s a simple fact that Fortune challenges us with difficult times. How do you respond? The Symphony of Your Life is all about restoring harmony and creating meaning! Let us help you find the best way to respond when your life, work, relationships are challenged.

Author of The Symphony of Your Life: Restoring Harmony When Your World Is Out of Tune 

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  • Synchronicity, Serendipity, and the Importance of Things Unseen
    We all know there are things that are real that can’t be explained by science or logic. We see it all the time. So what do we do with that reality? I invite you to think about that with me. Read on… Synchronicity, Serendipity, and the Importance of Things Unseen, Part 1
    Mark Hardcastle - January 12, 2017
  • “The Watershed” – A Symphony of Your Life Blog on Resilience
    How do you respond when Fortune challenges you with difficult times? There are moments in every life that define everything that came before and set the stage for everything to come. Your responses in the past should give you confidence and courage to face whatever life throws your way. Enjoy! Best, Mark The Watershed Part 1
    Mark Hardcastle - November 23, 2016