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                                                                        COMMUNICATION IS THE CORE SKILL
All of our relationships are based on what and how we communicate. Any improvement in communication will improve our living experience. There is a lot of information out there on what to communicate (the words to use). SUCCESS FOCUS COMMUNICATION concentrates on developing the skills of how to communicate (the delivery process). It provides the foundation for the content the organization needs communicated.

The SUCCESS FOCUS COMMUNICATION process creates an environment that:
• has fewer conflicts, thus lowering stress
• assigns responsibility to the person who should be responsible
• raises the expectations of the organization and its members
• taps into the energy generated by positive engagement
• sharpens the organization focus on successful outcomes
• builds an energized and successful workforce

• Schools
• Businesses
• Restaurants
• Retail
• Client-centered Organization
• Non-profits

Comments previous workshop participants:
• “Ended too soon. I wanted more.”
• “Even works with middle-school boys.”
• “Made my managing so much easier and less stressful.”
• “Why aren’t we doing this. It seems so simple.”
• “I can’t wait to use these ideas.”

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Dennis Ryan


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  • It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
        “You are the Best Employee ever!!”       If the words do not match the delivery, the words are meaningless.  We can break down communication into three parts; the visual, what the listener sees, the auditory, what the listener hears, and the words, the actual content. Studies have shown that the actual
    Dennis Ryan - December 10, 2016
  • Changing the Mindset of Others
      What if you are in a position where you need to change the mindset of others? What if their mindset interferes with our mutual success? A leader with their followers, a manager with their employees, a teacher with their students, a parent with their children are a few examples. How do you change some
    Dennis Ryan - November 12, 2016
  • Positive Focus
    Focusing in a positive direction has many benefits.  By focusing on a positive direction we can put our time and energy to more effective use. Worry, guilt, anxiety, fear, and other apprehensions over the past, drains our limited time and energy.  The past is past, it is done and can’t be changed. We learn from it
    Dennis Ryan - August 12, 2016
    In light of what has happened in Florida, the singer murdered and the 50 killed at the nightclub, we need to ask ourselves what can we do?  Will we be reactive and find blame and seek retribution?  Or will we be proactive and ask “What can we do so this does not happen again?”  What
    Dennis Ryan - June 12, 2016
  • How to utilize the past to build a better future
    Step 1:  Accept that the past is past and cannot be changed.  It can, and usually is reconfigured and reinterpreted. Step 2:  Understand that the past is subjective. It is subject to different interpretations.  It has been said that “The Winners write the History.” Step 3: Don’t assume a cause and effect process from what
    Dennis Ryan - June 10, 2016