Luc Moens-in-memoriumFounding member of Sage Talks, Dr. Luc Moens, passed away doing what he loved most – giving a speech about the war on science.


Dr. Luc Moens has a degree in Agrochemical Engineering from Ghent University in Belgium, and a Ph.D in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  He has expertise in agricultural sciences, food technologies and food toxicology, pesticide science, nutrition science, biotechnology and microbiology.  He had a 25+ year career as a research scientist in synthetic organic chemistry and electrochemistry, chemistry related to biofuels and renewable energy, and biobased chemicals.  He recently entered the arena of public speaking as a science communicator.  His other passions include horticulture, skiing and hiking the Colorado mountains, scuba diving, and reading books about entrepreneurship.  He also has a music life that consists of studying music and playing his cello.


Speaking Demo


  • How the War On Science Threatens Us All
    The vision to land a man on the Moon became reality in 1969 after more than a decade of unprecedented support for science and technology. The enormous stimulus this provided for research greatly accelerated advances in the life and physical sciences, and enabled the innovations and scientific discoveries that we still enjoy today. The advances
    Luc Moens - February 10, 2016