To Form a Mastermind Group and Say Farewell to a Friend

Ask an expert, and he’ll give you an answer. Ask a master and he’ll ask you a question to make you think and come up with your own answer.

The Mastermind Group

Toastmasters International was the common thread. That’s where it started, at a bimonthly meeting of the Evening Stars Toastmasters in Denver, Colorado. Certainly, there was a shared interest in public speaking. Each one of us knew that retirement was not an answer. Instead, each one of us wanted to become more, as authors, speakers, and members of a larger community.
Early in 2015 Mitch Krayton began the conversations that resulted in the formation of our mastermind group. He was the catalyst, selecting and bringing together individuals with the taste for life long learning. We were all active toastmasters. All of us had been to the turning point, the fork in the road of midlife. After a few months, we grew to five founding members. We shared a chemistry that can naturally arise between those of the same generation, but still from a variety of backgrounds and experience. And, it wasn’t just the speaking. There was the bond of shared perspectives. All of us were in committed relationships to a long term partner. Most were parents with grown families. Some of us had experience with jobs, that had somehow begun to lose their luster after many years. And, there was the mustache thing.

Greg Jameson is an author, business leader, and computer guru. His latest book is titled Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets. Greg and the internet based companies he has created, have been developing award-winning software applications since 1985. Webstores ltd., his current endeavor, is a winner of the Colorado Small Business of the Year. With this company, Greg has been creating commercial websites for retail business since 1996.

Our travel guru, entrepreneur, and voice acting expert is Mitch Krayton. He has decades of sales and marketing experience in both high tech and travel, coupled with a golden voice that propelled him through many years of experience in radio broadcasting, choral performance, and voice over acting.

Dennis Ryan is our communications guru. He has several decades of experience in managing well, the people, products, and suppliers of retail business.

For too short a time, Sage-Talks was blessed to include as a founding member, Luc Moen, Phd. Luc was a scientist, musician, and renaissance man. His formal education was in organic chemistry. His twenty-plus year career at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) placed him in a leadership role in the ongoing cultural transition from fossil fuel utilization, into the development and commercialization of efficient, renewable energy technologies. Luc played the cello. He was for many years, a member of the Lakewood Symphony. And, he became a gifted speaker, explaining technical topics with an infectious humor that engaged the most non technical audiences.

Robert Case, JD MS is an author, grateful Dad, and advocate for health in midlife and beyond. His resume includes careers in both government and business: with years in the energy business as a seismic interpreter and many more practicing law. More than that, his life story includes dropping out of college in 1972 to hitchhike around Europe, fall in love, and begin the research that would evolve into his latest book Icarus and the Wing Builder. Categorically, the novel is somewhere between historical fiction, fantasy, and travel guide to the Aegean islands of the Bronze Age. On another level, it unveils a new mythology for the 21st century, the quest of middle age. Why shouldn’t midlife be a time for becoming more of who you really are?

The Speakers Bureau

In time the mastermind group progressed into this speakers bureau. We have all had successful careers. We have raised families. Not a single one of us is interested in retiring from life. The progression of the mastermind group into, was an easy stretch. We have come together to share the benefits of this caldron of experience from the common platform of Sage-Talks. We want to educate, entertain, and motivate our clients, communities, and the businesses we serve.

In Memoriam

On February 19, 2016 and shortly after making a keynote presentation to a community organization on “Critical Thinking and the War on Science,” our friend and colleague, Luc Moens, passed away. He was such a unique individual, so talented, and so caring. People like Luc can’t be replaced. We can only hope to do our parts to recover and pick up where he left off. And take whatever comfort there may be, in knowing that he died, doing what he loved. It is a fitting memorial that we, the remaining Sage Talkers, carry on this legacy.